Souther Style Woodworking Owner Kent Gray

Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me.

Just some information about myself that will help you understand my outlook about my woodwork and my feelings about fine craftsmanship.

First of all, I was born and raised in Panama City, FL, and have spent my whole life living within a few blocks of where I grew up. The only time I spent away from my hometown was when I attended the University of Florida and the two years I spent in the Army.

Most of my life has been spent working on and building boats. When I was just seven years old, I started as a “helper” when they built the 65-foot party boat named “Tradewinds” next door to my home on Pratt Bayou. As I got older but was still in school, I repaired boats for myself so I could explore St. Andrews Bay. After college and the Army, I apprenticed myself to Kelly H. Tibbetts who was born and raised in the Cayman Islands and was an expert wooden boat builder. He taught me about the craftsmanship needed to build beautiful, fast and well-made boats.

After Mr. Tibbetts passed away, I started my own business. Over the years I built some sailing yachts, but most were large shrimp trawlers. Later on, I specialized in custom interiors in yachts with a focus on fine teak work. Fine joinery was a must to turn out work of which customers could be proud.

Now as I have gotten older, I find myself wanting to take that fine craftsmanship into the area of custom furniture. This is how I want to finish my professional woodworking career. It is a pleasure to take fine woods and turn them into pieces of furniture that fulfill people’s wants and needs. Simply put, I make pieces of furniture that can become family heirlooms. That’s what “Southern Style Woodworking” is all about.

 Contact me today and let’s talk about your idea. Call 850-871-3996. 

I want you to know that when the phone rings or the email arrives, you will not be dealing with a secretary, an apprentice, or a receptionist. I answer my own phone and read my own emails. We will start discussing your ideas and needs starting with your first contact. Call or email at your convenience and I will be glad to hear from you. I will give you any additional information you may need or want. If you are close enough for an on-site visit, contact me for a time when I will be available. You are always welcome here. The only other thing you need to consider is that with equipment running, I may not hear my phone. If I don’t answer, I will return your call as soon as I can get to a stopping point.

Thank you for visiting!

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